I need a free program, that is able to index my images on my hard disk and find duplicates.

I'd like to be able to find exact duplicates (same size, name and format could be different) as well as slightly modified (cropped) and resized.

Ordering files by date (of taking a shot, from EXIF data) would be a nice feature.

Must run on Windows.


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Take a look at VisiPics:

It will detect two different resolution files of the same picture as a duplicate, or the same picture saved in different formats, or duplicates where only minor cosmetic changes have taken place.


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    VisiPics is a great tool. I've used it many times to remove duplicate images. You want to start out with a Filter of strict to detect exact visual matches, but may want to be more fuzzy if you get no results. The less strict search will find images that are close but not exact. Be careful with this setting. Auto Select is very useful in that it will select the inferior image (lower resolution for example) to be deleted. Even on a SSD, it can take a few hours to process 100GB of photos (file count 23,000) as the comparison is very CPU intensive.
    – Sun
    Nov 20, 2014 at 20:03

dupeGuru PE. Plus it's open-source. :)

dupeGuru Picture Edition (PE for short) is a tool to find duplicate pictures on your computer. dupeGuru PE is a big brother of dupeGuru. It works like dupeGuru, but is specialized for duplicate pictures matching. dupeGuru PE runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

dupeGuru PE is efficient. Not only can dupeGuru PE find exact matches, but it can also find duplicates among pictures of different kind (PNG, JPG, GIF etc..) and quality. On Mac OS X, dupeGuru PE can scan your iPhoto library.

dupeGuru PE is customizable. You can tweak its matching engine to find exactly the kind of duplicates you want to find. The Preference page of the help file lists all the scanning engine settings you can change.

dupeGuru PE is safe. Its engine has been especially designed with safety in mind. Its reference directory system as well as its grouping system prevent you from deleting pictures you didn't mean to delete.

Compare any picture format. dupeGuru PE supports JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF and BMP formats. All these formats can be compared together. The Mac OS X version of dupeGuru PE also supports PSD and RAW (CR2 and NEF) formats.

Your iPhoto and Aperture libraries are supported.

Do whatever you want with your duplicates. Not only can you delete duplicates files dupeGuru finds, but you can also move or copy them elsewhere. There are also multiple ways to filter and sort your results to easily weed out false duplicates (for low threshold scans).

(answer is copied from https://superuser.com/questions/311633/free-visual-similarity-image-for-a-local-hard-drive-search/453251#453251 - all credit to enter link description here)

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