I'm looking for a JavaScript implementation or wrapper for the ZPAQ archive format.


  • Strong Preference: Node.js addon.
  • Preferably: a Grunt addon but I'm really not expecting someone to have one of those hanging around. (For those that don't know this means that it is a Node.js addon since Grunt Addons is a subset of Node.js addons)
  • Open Source

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I know this isn't a complete answer but node.js allows for c and c++ add-ons you could then grab the zpaq c++ source and try loading it into node.js as an add on. I haven't worked with c++ enough to help much more but that might be your best bet. Might require some tinkering and troubleshooting but I imagine it's possible


Not sure if this would work for you, but i'm developing a NodeJS wrapper for Uharc. Uharc is not paq, it is bsc. But it is free and it's 10% faster than paq4.

It uses wine to run in Linux and OSX as uharc is closed source and windows only.



Doesn't exists. There is currently only the cpp version.

According Google and the zpaq website at bottom which lists related projects


Or the zpaq updates thread:



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