I'm looking for the perfect RSS Feed reader for my own use.

Stuff I need:

  • It needs to run on Windows - I run 7 and 8, so those definitely
  • a 2 pane (not a 3 pane view) - with feeds on the left side, and the full article on the right (like Akregator or Sputnik)
  • I'd like it to be able to view links of articles in tabs so I don't need to switch to a browser
  • I need it to sync with tt-rss (I run my own instance, and I have my mobile client sync with it already)
  • it absolutely positively must hide unread feeds - I'd be running Sputnik portably rather than tt-rss if not for that

It’s a bit subjective but I need it to be reliable as well - something that is unsupported, and crashes every 5 minutes is not cool.

I do not want a browser extension - I need something reliable and standalone, and these are the minimum criteria I need - I'm looking for something that is an improvement from my current workflow of using Firefox and a tt-rss instance on a website, and this would be what I need to integrate and improve on it.

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