Purpose: I'm looking for an efficient way to organise my notes.

I currently write notes in Evernote by source (for example a note on "Thinking Fast and Slow"). However, I can only tag my notes overall with this app.

I'm looking for something where I can tag (with one or many #) a bullet point or paragraph that I write (this may be about a book or a seminar) within a note.

Then, I can search #heuristics or #dissertation and all relevant points come up.

This part is the feature I'm really struggling to find. I don't want an Evernote type search where it just lists my notes. Rather I'd like something where I can see all bullet points together without going into each individual note. This'll allow me to see my information in the most effective way.

Any recommendations on mobile (iOS) / desktop (Mac OS or Windows) apps or organising systems are much appreciated. Please don't hesitate to recommend paid services - if it's right I'd buy into it.


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The task list plugin for Zim wiki does something similar to this. Zim runs on Mac OS X and Windows, but note that there is no mobile version.

It uses tags like this: @heuristics and @dissertation.

Zim task plugin pane

Main Zim wiki entry pane

  • I'll give it a go! This is the closest I've seen yet, thank you.
    – Brian
    Feb 22, 2016 at 7:48

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