To make long story short. I am planning to create “flash-like” training presentation that will launch fullscreen from pendrive without installation and allow to play quite large (>500 MB) external video files (mp4, avi) located on the pendrive (preferred OS: Windows). I am sure you have already seen something like that. Corporate presentations and CD catalogues come to mind. I am looking for a tool(s) free or commercial to help me achieve that. I have already done a little bit of research, however I think I am stuck and would really appreciate your expertise.

What I have tried so far:

Creating website and putting it in Tide SDK to create desktop app. However there were problems with launching external file and html code/ files were visible and accessible to user)

Using Adobe Captivate. However, there were problems with it being rigidly structured. And I have encountered problems with accessing external files.

I was also thinking about creating that as chrome app, this however requires chrome installed on clients' PC. Also Chromium Embedded Framework was considered, however I have my doubts about this being able to play videos and that the source code is inaccessible to end user.

I am now thinking about doing this in Macromedia flash, however have my doubts about it being able to run without installed flash player on users PC. The elaesthetics of product is quite important for me so I would like that my software be able to show every window, button not as default windows/button but just a custom made graphics. Also seamless transition between videos and menus is very appreciated

What I would like my software to do:

  1. You enter flash drive
  2. It autostarts splash screen that allow you to open or cancel (no installation required)
  3. If you open there is some intro animation and menu that allows navigation (in full screen, without “windows frame”)
  4. You can start a video in a full screen mode with some controls (next video, volume etc.)
  5. After video it can display some quiz questions to check your knowledge.
  6. Then it continues to another video, based on training program selected before.

Additional requirements:

  1. Code not accessible to end user.
  2. Using your own GUI.
  3. Possibility to write data on pendrive.
  4. Possibility to play encrypted videos (optional)

So my basic question is what would you suggest me to use.

If you have some nice tutorial, examples that will be much appreciated.

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