Is there a note-taking app that allows me to write in Markdown and then continue editing in HTML and vice-versa? I mean it has the ability to convert HTML to Markdown as well?

Some less-formatted notes are easier to write in Markdown, however I often prefer to edit in WYSIWYG.

Preferably the app works for iOS, but OS X is also accepted (those are the two platforms that I use).

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There is an iOS app called Go Edit that you can use to edit markdown files and convert them to HTML or vise-versa.


You may use the universal document converter Pandoc in addition with some editor. It does convert from Markdown to HTML and vice versa. Some plugins exists which integrate Pandoc's conversion functionality into text editors. Some of them are available for texts editors which run on OS X. In addition, to that, you may want to use a WYSIWYG HTML Editor in order to edit your HTML source. I do not know any with Pandoc integration, though.

If you require using a WYSIWYG HTML Editor it is not very satisfying as you need to use two editors in total. But maybe this can be a starting point.

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