I am a smartphone fan, I have used Windows Phone, iPhones, Androids and many more devices.

Each platform requires different accounts, for instance Microsoft requires a Hotmail account, while Android requires Gmail etc.

Over the past few years what I started to notice is, my contacts are being duplicated and some of the Hotmail contacts don't exist in my Gmail account and vice versa. It became a nightmare.

I am looking for some tools that will help me manage/sync my contacts and make sure they are not duplicated.

It could be an app or an application for Mac or Windows, I dont really mind.

  • So a solution has to sync the contacts with all your devices (running Android, iOS, and Windows Phone)?
    – unor
    Aug 17, 2014 at 23:01

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I can recommend em Client, which is free and has a built-in deduplicator.


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