I am not online 24-7, and I really only want to check Twitter once or twice a day.

But when I do I only see the last hour of tweets in my feed and most of them are a waste of electrons.

Is there a way I can filter the tweets in my feed so the top tweets in my feed are important tweets that were tweeted since last time I checked? (Important could be defined as retweeted/liked 5 or more, or it could be a Reddit-like rating system with exponential fall off, or a filter, that I can train by cliking "I do not want to see stuff like this"/"I love it").

Maybe a custom Twitter client?

Preferably it should be free software with at least the same features as the web client from Twitter currently has.

  • Must run on Windows
  • Must sort tweets since last log in by importance or weed out unimportant tweets
  • Should be free software
  • Good if runs on Android or GNU/Linux
  • May be web app

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I have created a read-only Twitter client. It is a localhost web app that generates RSS feeds and HTML search results. It is available as a Android app and as a desktop Java software (Linux/Windows/Mac). It is free but not open.

I have another browser+feed reader app for Android, which has a button to delete read messages. This is a manual option. It does not meet the second condition. The deleted messages are not really deleted just hidden. The feed reader has a text-based filter too.

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