Is there any music player program that supports lyric (LRC) files painlessly?

I tried PotPlayer, KMPlayer, WMP and foobar2000 without success. I know MiniLyrics can be used but I am looking for a player with native LRC support.

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not entirely native, but foobar2000 might be useful for you. it's a great music player that can be customized with many extensions (or components) and this one can handle .lrc files without problems. you can load the lyrics from your disk or search for them online automatically when playing a song.


Try GOM Audio. It's able to handle .lrc file without any problems. Here's the link to download it: https://www.gomlab.com/gomaudio-audio-player/

Make sure you have the song and it's .lrc file on the same folder and both have the exact same names.


I've recently made an extension for VLC for this purpose (it still has some limitations and bugs, but it works).

More alternatives:

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