Up to now I mainly did old-school web form handling:

  • redirect after post if the data is valid
  • show the form again with errors if the data is not valid

I am searching a JS library which helps me to switch to ajax form submitting.

My needs:

  • the server part should return html-fragements. This way I need to change only little on the server part.
  • there needs to be protocol between the client and server part to do page updates after submitting the form data.
  • The browser's URL should be updated without a page reload for GET requests (search results)

This library looks good, but it looks like a one-man-show:


Is there a wide-spread JS library which implements my needs?

The backend stuff is done with python and django. Returning the html-fragments according to the protocol of the framework is no problem for me. The JS and AJAX part is the topic if this question.


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