I want to convert kanjis to kana on Linux.

  • Input: kanji, for instance 東京特許許可局
  • Output: most probably kana, for instance トーキョートッキョキョカキョク
  • Must run on Linux and be free, ideally open source.

Mecab is pretty accurate for this.

It is open source.


On Ubuntu 2015.10:

sudo apt-get install mecab libmecab-dev mecab-ipadic mecab-ipadic-utf8

Yes you ned all of these packages, the mecab package alone won't do.


echo 東京特許許可局 | mecab
東京    名詞,固有名詞,地域,一般,*,*,東京,トウキョウ,トーキョー
特許    名詞,サ変接続,*,*,*,*,特許,トッキョ,トッキョ
許可    名詞,サ変接続,*,*,*,*,許可,キョカ,キョカ
局      名詞,接尾,一般,*,*,*,局,キョク,キョク

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