I am looking for an audio player for Windows that meets specific requirements.


  1. Very fast to load and exit (similar to Calc that is included with Windows)
  2. Reasonably low memory footprint (IOW, not a memory hog)
  3. Simple GUI focusing on playing audio files (not editing them)
  4. Plays MP3 and WAV audio files
  5. Adjustable playback speed (e.g. 1.5x, 2x, etc.)
  6. Starts "clean" each time (IOW, does not show the name of the previous files played)
  7. Uninstalls cleanly
  8. Does not access internet at all, or at least without obvious consent
  9. Compatible with Windows 7
  10. Gratis

Preferences (none required)

  1. Portable
  2. Pitch compensation for adjustable playback speed
  3. Optionally view file details (such as compression details or ID3 tags)

Not Needed (but fine if it has one or more of these features)

  1. Playlists
  2. Skins
  3. Audio editing
  4. Tag editing
  5. Format conversion

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