What chromium based browsers look and feel closest to regular chrome? And can use almost the most of chrome's extensions compared to others? Aside from citrio torch and chromodo

I'm using windows 8.1 so I can't use edge.

--Also, there are websites for some of my college classes that require certificates. When I open those websites with internet explorer or vivaldi, I am asked for a certificate. However, on regular chrome, I am not asked for the certificate everytime. I would like a browser that Does Not ask me for my certificate every single time like chrome

Why I'm asking:

I use different browsers for different purposes

  • Firefox's homepage is wolfram alpha
    • Chrome's homepage is school related
    • Torch's homepage is youtube and is for media
    • citrio web browser is for something else, chromodo for something else

It may seem a bit excessive to install an entire new browser but hey I like being able to click a different button on the start bar for a different type of task. I might leave some work on in chrome then go to torch browser to listen to music on youtube. When I want to go back to work, I know exactly which windows to close.

  • Ever thought about importing those certificates into the browser's "trusted store", so it 'never* asks you again to accept them? Having that issue ruled out, it looks to me as if your question hasn't much substance left – as the only requirement then would be "looks and feels like Chrome" and the best match for that would be "Chrome". What's wrong with it then – and does your question even stand then? – Izzy Jan 29 '16 at 5:48
  • I explain above why I like using multiple different web browsers that look like chrome. Anyone who has tried a bunch of different chromium browsers, please respond. – LongApple Feb 1 '16 at 5:57

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