Due to privacy and data security guidelines I need to switch my team collaboration over to something self-hosted. Can anyone recommend the right tool for a scenario like this:

  • Self hosted, open-source preferred, but not mandatory
  • Free, or paid-once preferred
  • Kanban preferred, eventually with agile/classic list option
  • PHP+SQL, no server framework like sandstorm

I have looked at:

  • Trello, perfect, but not self-hosted
  • Wekan (aka Libreboard), perfect, but sandstormed, email integration missing
  • Taiga, super good, didnt find info on email integration
  • Could you please list which team collaboration features you need? For example, for those that don’t know Trello, and because you probably don’t need all of Trello’s features.
    – unor
    Feb 3, 2016 at 17:06
  • Can you explain "sandstormed"? Jun 12, 2019 at 8:48

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I've ended up looking at Taiga and 92five, both lacking some features. After two days of research I recommend myself (and to you so you don't have to redo all the research): JetBrains YouTrack or The Bug Genie, from which I prefer the former.


I've tried a lot, some of which:

  • wekan - couldn't install it. huge problems with installation scripts and dependencies. the dev team ignore it blaming the "build environment"
  • restya - after waiting an hour for installation script to run, it looked great.. then with no use whatsoever, started redirecting each page to the logout page across every browser. shame.
  • orangescrumm - untrustworthy developers. will not use.
  • kanboard - initially looks horrid, but simple, fast, very extensible, well written and with a bit of css, looks magic. Lots of plugins exist for it and if it doesn't you can write you own using the 'hooks' system.

Subsequently, I recommend Kanboard - kanboard.net

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