Just like Microsoft Word allows you to review and annotate documents, I'm looking for something similar for web pages - preferably a browser plugin. I should be able to highlight text (not just "draw on the page freely") in web pages and add annotations, then save a PDF with the results so that I can email it to the document author. This will allow me to suggest multiple modifications to a document at once while collaborating with my team, who publishes most of their documentation on the company intranet as web pages. Again, exactly the same as Word's reviewing feature.

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Better than saving a PDF and emailing, Pastel creates a collaborative "canvas" overlay of the entire site, and allows everyone to comment, chat, and resolve issues.

  • Highlight text
  • Add annotations
  • No sign-in required for collaborators: just email them the link
  • Suggest multiple modifications at once
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Discussion
  • Track issues

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