I am heading a team of 15 data entry operators and we need to type a lot of pages everyday. I am looking for a Windows based software that can offer us suggestions based on the first few letters of the word.

Since typing is being on multiple machines simultaneously, I would like to consolidate the dictionary / database of words so that it can be copied on all machines and everyone can benefit. Also I would like the dictionary to get bigger over a period of time so as to aid us better.

I tried notepad ++ but (AFAIK) it does not save the suggestions. So if you open a new document, then all suggestions are lost and you start from scratch.

I hope I have made myself clear. Let me know if you need more info.

Thanx in advance Hitesh

PS: Text is normal english text not sw code. We need suggestions NOT auto correct ( ms word style)

Edit: I figured a way to provide custom dictionary by modifying the built-in ones in \plugins\API's and selecting the respective programming language.


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