I am new to ARM world. I have written a program involving a C function and also some assembly code. I cross compiled it on my x86 based system (Ubuntu) using g++-arch-linux-gnu. Now I have gotten my hands on an ARM board (Tek) with ARM 8 Cortex cores (Aarch64) with Ubuntu installed on it. I need some guidance to what software tools I should use for my development.

  1. Is there a GCC compiler/assembler which I can install on my ARM system running Ubuntu? I am specially stuck finding a proper assembler.
  2. I was thinking of using gdb for debugging, but does anyone have a suggestion for a good IDE (free if possible) which comes with a debugger?

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The entire GCC tool chain, (including the compilers, assembler & GDB), for your target board should either already be installed on the system running Ubuntu but if it is not then it almost certainly will be available from within the package manager on the board. Try opening a terminal and typing g++ --version to test.

If you wish to debug from on the board or remotely from a host machine you can do so from within the Code::Blocks IDE.

All of the above is Free, Gratis & Open Source.

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