I am a technical writer, authoring course material for customer enablement. Each lab guide is essentially a collection of HTML and XML files organized into folders and subfolders.

I would like to ensure each lab guide complies with a set of rules regarding the structure (e.g. "every folder and subfolder should contain a file called Overview.htm") or the file contents (e.g. "every Overview.htm file should contain a tag right before the tag"). Then I would like to generate a report with checkmarks in front of every rule for every project. This way, I can run my validator every night (through our Continuous Integration server) and check the consistency of the projects. If something goes wrong, I can spot it immediately.

I do not want to reinvent the wheel if such a framework already exists. Python would be my language of choice, but .NET and Java are also acceptable. I already have a good idea of how to code the rules with each of these languages. I am just looking for a framework that builds on top of these rules and automate the whole process.


Answering my own question. I thought about using Drools for a moment, but then determined it was an overkill. I only have a few rules to enforce, and the learning curve is too steep. So I turned to the Specification Pattern and found a nice modern C# implementation on CodeProject. I customized the predicate specification to include an error message and the list of expected values, and came up with a clean and scalable solution to my problem.

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