I would like to create a page on a MediaWiki wiki to instruct users how to complete a procedure using a piece of software.

Instead of taking lots of screenshots, I thought it would be better to have a list of written instructions on the left, then a video on the right. The list would have hyperlinks throughout, which when clicked would jump to & play a segment of the video pertaining to that step.

Could anyone suggest a MediaWiki extension which:

  • Can play videos uploaded locally
  • Has an API which allows it to seek and play a subset of the video

It would be nice if:

  • It were possible for the user to make the video larger or smaller within the page
  • It would sit within a floating division that would remain stationary so the user could scroll down the list of instructions and still see the video
  • It would transcode video behind the scenes (like TimedMediaHandler)

Though I am prepared I may need to make modifications to get the more advanced functionality.

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