I'm currently using a self-coded bar chart implementation with Java (swift), which worked fine up until now. But as my project grows, so do my requirements… As a result, I would like to start using a Java library that offers more chart formats than my own implementation.

What I need:

  • bar charts
  • pie charts
  • scatter plots

and, last but not least

  • good documentation

Looking around on the internet, I did find JFreeChart – but something tells me it might not be the only option out there, and I surely don't want to make the mistake of picking what I find first, if there is something more recommendable out there.

Which Java library (or libraries) would you recommend for charts?


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Here are 2 more pointers to lists of charting libraries:

Up to you to further investigate which of these libraries might possibly be considered as a valid alternative in your case. While investigating, make sure to also consider the actual license (open source, commercial, etc) for those libraries.



Inside a Vaadin web app, I have found the Vaadin Charts add-on very useful. While open-source, this tool is a commercial product requiring a fee.

Vaadin Charts meets your requirements, but is only relevant for use inside of Vaadin-based web app.

Vaadin is a server-side tool for writing a web app in pure Java on the server-side. Then Vaadin automatically generates HTML/CSS/JavaScript to render your app on the client-side in the web browser.

HighCharts (JavaScript)

That Vaadin Charts product is built on top of the HighCharts library written in JavaScript. This too is a commercial product requiring a fee.

This might be useful to you if there were some way to [A] run JavaScript within your app for live interactive charts, or [B] run JavaScript in the background to generate static images.

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