I've been using Dreamweaver for years however, the cost is killing me. Now that I hand code most of my work, the WYSIWYG feature is no longer interesting. There are two features I absolutely love about Dreamweaver:

  1. The CSS editor - helps complete large CSS rules in a flash.
  2. The Template feature - hands down the biggest time saver as my entire site is based off of one template. All I need to do is make one change on my template and then my whole site gets updated.

I'm on the search for a free or less expensive solution. The only catch is I really want something that has a way to use templates similar to the way Dreamweaver uses them.


Nobody had any suggestions, but I think I found something that fits my needs better. HTML-Kit Tools The template feature was a little confusing. Support desk helped me figure out how to use templates just like dreamweaver How To Use Templates Hope this helps someone down the road!

  • If you need answers, try adding a bounty. You could also include more details like, what is your price range (especially max price), operating system. – onebree Feb 25 '16 at 15:49

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