I need a working app that I can trust (because of the root privileges normally these apps need) for install debian or another distro on my phone.


  • free and open source

  • trust of the open source community, code reviewed a lot also by some experienced users on security matters

  • unneeded privileges must be avoided (eg: some seemingly requires identity for unknown reasons, if the developers wants to track the number of active devices they should generate a random cookie ad use that, i don't want my imei and personal data to travel outside)

  • autostart with android (i would like have it always active, possibily without destroy my battery)

  • file container installation at least ( want to preserve the original android environment as much as possible)

  • custom mounts would be a nice feature (at least the storages internal and sdcard)

  • frequently updated, and as more options, the better

  • if on F-Droid is even better

I read on https://wiki.debian.org/ChrootOnAndroid that various options and app exists with also the capability of doing everything manually with terminal but i would like more using a manager app.

  • There's Linux Deploy but I had no time for install it and check settings, read a bit of the code or anything. Seems to be hosted on sourceforge but other things are referred to external websites. Someone can give suggestions about it ? Commented Feb 2, 2016 at 10:16


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