I want to be able to backup and share Android contacts and calendar events without using Google.

As such, I am seeking software recommendations for a simple self-hosted sync system for Android contacts and calendar events.

Requirements for the Server

  • Runs on Android KitKat or Windows 7
  • Simple to install: Does not require installing many bulky packages.
  • Simple to enable/disable the server. It will only be manually run when needed (approx 10 minutes/week), and no component of it should be running all the time.
  • Completely self-hosted

Requirements for the Clients

  • Android KitKat compatible
  • Can require a separate app to perform the sync or can integrate itself into the OS (either way is fine).
  • Supports multiple clients, but does not need to support simultaneous sync operations.

General Requirements

  • No recurring fees (prefer , but one-time fee acceptable)
  • Must be able to handle contacts with multiple custom fields
  • Must be able to handle recurring calendar events
  • Must be reliable


  • ownCloud looks excellent, but it seems to require running several bulky layers below its code for Windows, and does not appear to have a server version to run on Android.
  • Baikal looks very good as well, but I have not found much documentation regarding installation details. According to the docs that I did find, Baikal requires an Apache2 webserver complete with PHP 5.3.1 with PDO and SQLite3 or MySQL extensions and a DOM (php-xml) extension. That seems like a lot to install, configure, and maintain.
  • I'm looking at Radicale. It requires Python, which does not run all the time. I'm looking at the code to see how Radicale is acting as a server without a separate webserver layer. Or perhaps it is an on-demand system, which would be perfect.
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    That's why I didn't make it an answer: neither I use it myself, nor have I even investigated deep enough. So, Baïkal itself is lightweight (they say so), but requires "heavy components" under the hood. Ouch. So I'm afraid Sabredav is no option either (requires PHP + MySQL). Maybe Radicale? Sounds very promising: "light solution, easy to use, easy to install, easy to configure … requires few software dependencies". FOSS. X-platform. Works out-of-the-box. 47kB download. But seems to need Python. – Izzy Jan 20 '16 at 11:36
  • As you're doing the main research (I just cued the idea), I'd suggest you make it an answer then – even if it somehow turns out to not be a "perfect match". Radicale should come pretty close :) – Izzy Jan 20 '16 at 21:53

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