I'm looking for a firewall for Linux Mint 17 x64.

It should have these features:

  • Having a GUI (not required, but appreciated)
  • Allow/Block whole software/applications (e.g. Skype, Steam, etc.)

I have tried Gufw and others similar to this one, but they are too much selective for what I need. They allow me to insert some 'Rules' and allow/block a range of ports or a specific IP:port address. Most of applications are smart enough to open new ports if the default are blocked.

What I need is a more raw firewall (like Comodo Firewall for Windows) which can give me the option to block the whole software and not just a combination of IP:port.

I tried Douane, but on Mint I've got some issues on the installation, probably missing packages.

Do you know any firewall with these specs?

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By the way i found a solution that can be helpful.

If you didn't yet, try Leopard Flower.

Just follow the instructions listed here


Once make command goes well, type sudo ./lpfw to let your Firewall work. Now you just need to go in the 'gui' folder (you'll find it in the lpfw directory) and double click gui.py.

Now you have your interface and your firewall to manage your appliation. Just start the software you need and "Allow" or "Block" depending on your needs.

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