Similar to Tiny single process authorative DNS server for Linux, I am looking for

  • a DNS Server software
  • that runs standalone (i.e. is an exe that I double click, not a service that runs in the background)
  • works on Windows 7 (x64 SP1)
  • is gratis
  • allows commercial use
  • has a UI for assigning names and IPs
  • supports DNS load balancing (configure more than one IP per name; configurable whether it returns same or random order of IPs)
  • ideally does not need installation (portable app)

I just need it for testing purposes, since I don't want to contact our IT department each time I want to play with the DNS settings.

I have tried:

  • SANS, but it does not support randomizing of IP addresses. Other than that, this is basically what I'm looking for: simple UI, got it up and running within a few minutes.

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