For a group of non-designers, is there a graphic editing software that is specifically geared to creating stick figures like the one below?

High level requirements (ideal)

  • A SaaS offering supporting multiple users and projects and the ability to administer these
  • Preferably a freemium offering with the option to upgrade
  • Support for iOS and Android including mobile devices and tablets
  • Support for tagging
  • The ability to search across the repository based on users, projects, tags, keywords, etc
  • Reputable provider with a proven track record
  • The ability to export or download in multiple formats such as SVG, PNG, JPG
  • Support for vector images
  • Library of templates, icons, stock imagery, etc
  • Support for all major browsers and operating systems
  • The ability to upload existing artwork for manipulation, editing, etc
  • The ability to share, collaborate, etc with multiple users
  • Integration with Google Drive, DropBox, etc



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