I wonder if exists a software that, given a search pattern like for example a song title, it can search for youtube videos and return the video urls of the search results.

The application should expose in a friendly way the Youtube urls of the found videos (to copy those urls in the clipboard), when more automation in this kind of feature, it will be better for my needs (like for example an option saying "Copy the url of all results to clipboard").

I don't care if the software could download, play, or convert videos, anyways that kind of additional features are welcome, but I'm only interested in a good Youtube searcher that looks for videos matching the whole or part of a search pattern string, then return in some way the urls of the videos found.


  • A desktop application for Windows O.S.
  • Command-line or graphical user interface.
  • Free and/or open-source solutions preferred.

    Paid solutions only in case it does not costs too much (lets say around $30).

Optional requests:

  • Multiple searchs at once.

    To understand: For example letting the user put various search patterns (various song titles) in a textbox then search for results of every pattern.

  • CLI interface to automate searchs.

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