Is there any piece of software that fulfills these three basic requirements?

  1. Has some interface to view and listen an opened file (MP4 support is a must, but support for other formats would look like a nice bonus), and navigate through it by next/prev frame.
  2. Allows to extract a selected part of a video without reencoding. I don’t even need a super-accurate, frame-level, extraction, just the same level of accuracy as e.g. FFMPEG has.
  3. Has a portable version.

Not too much, right? I’ve read lots of similar questions on the Web, such as questions/21788, questions/3382 and questions/17996, and I am really shocked and sad that I cannot find anything! The following options are excluded:

  • Avidemux (has no “official” portable version; I found an unofficial version, but it looks too unstable and buggy — for example, cannot open some files or takes too much time to open; moreover, it cannot even remember two different paths for input and output files which causes me to waste too much time; but the main and intolerable problem is that sometimes the extracted fragment does not even correspond with my selection, even if I use only keyframes as start/end marks!);

  • Machete (relies on OS-level codecs; has no portable version, which is common for commercial closed-source software; I tested this app 2-3 years ago, and all I remember is that it could not change the volume of audio!);

  • SolveigMMVideoSplitter (it’s widely accepted that its interface is undoubtedly the best, and I fully agree with that — it’s just ideal for me, and I would love to use this app, but... unfortunately, it can often produce files of subpar quality; moreover, it can unexpectedly show some strange messages complaining about input files. But the main problem is that it often crashes and even freezes my OS!);

  • VideoToVideo (its development seems to be discontinued since long time ago; moreover, this app has some very user-unfriendly bugs: “Video Splitter” tool cannot navigate to the previous frame, and Commercial Remover/Splitter tool cannot even play audio!);

  • VideoReDo (did not even test this commercial app because it obviously has no portable version);

  • VirtualDub (this app relies on OS-level codecs and has no support for MP4, but even if I will use external plugin to open MP4, there is no way to save MP4 losslessly);

  • XMediaRecode (I must admit that its functionality is more than enough to satisfy my needs, but... the problem lies in its Filters/Preview tab; using this tab annoys me very much — it cannot navigate to the previous frame, it often loses time info and stops functioning without any reason...).

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MP4Joiner offers:

  1. MP4Joiner is a free application that allows join multiple MP4 files into one without reencoding and without quality loss.

Virus Check indicates the file is safe.

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