I often have this workflow when I need to upload a picture to Trello (or other webapps)

  • I have a picture open in photoshop with a selection
  • Control+Shift+C to copy the selection to clipboard
  • File -> New
  • Paste
  • Save
  • Browse to some temporary location
  • Press the upload button on the web form
  • Go to the previous temporary location
  • Select the file

Is there any Chrome plugin where you can directly upload from clipboard instead of always having to select a file?

This would essentially save step 3 to 9.

I'm looking for a Windows solution.


  • At least for Imgur, you don't need a plugin: just click on their "unload" link and Ctrl+V your clipboard content. If your other sites can use Imgur links (like SE does), that would let you skip steps 3-9, and instead you'd 3) open a bookmark in your browser, 4) click upload, 5) Ctrl-V + submit, 6) right-click the image to get it's source URL. Might be a work-around until good answers turn up :) – Izzy Jan 9 '16 at 19:18

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