HTML5 native date picker supports the following features

  • keyboard operability (even assisted keyboard entry since it jumps from month to date to year without having user enter the separator),
  • localization (different languages are supported as per system language),
  • auto-correction of dates (if user enter month as 13, it auto corrects it to 12)
  • date-picker display is also keyboard operable (I can navigate from one month to another and one date to another via keyboard)
  • browser support is good (almost all latest versions of most known browsers supports it)
  • Appears on mobile devices in this way (optional)

But this native date picker format cannot be changed programmatically. So, is there a open-source date picker available which supports these features?

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    @izzy this is the new question, older one is deleted. Thanks for your interest. Hope I find a solution here. – gurvinder372 Jan 7 '16 at 6:32

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