I'm trying to access a remote database using MySQL Workbench, but the server has a two-factor authentication and, apparently, Workbench does not have this feature.

So, I'm looking for a GUI MySQL client to connect to my remote database using the Connection Method "Standard TCP/IP over SSH" but with a two-factor authentication (TOTP).

My requirements are really basic. I just need to do some SELECTS with results in a table format and some CREATE/DELETE work.

OBS: I can do the job accessing the server via SSH and using the command-line, but I'm looking for something visual.

My configuration:

  • Ubuntu 14.04;

Server configuration:

  • CentOS 7.2;
  • MariaDB 5.5.44;

I am actually looking at this same issue myself, per my boss wants GUI access to our databases for himself and the developers at my company. I have found that Jetbrain's Datagrip works for 2FA (key and Google Auth, in my case), albeit it was initially a little bit finicky to actually get the auth codes through and connected.

As an aside, the only other viable solution I have found for having 2FA compliance would be moving my Google auth off of the server and into a remote VPN solution.


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