Is there an app that will help manage my contacts. For example, I just met with someone and I want to write a few notes about this person, maybe a particular date to follow up on an issue. The app should notify me on said date or it should notify me if I don't contact that person and/or should have canned messages to get in touch with a "what's going on?"

Does this exist? Someone said it's a CRM, but the CRMs I looked at where too dealflow based, not relationship based.

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Not too sure about the next contact due functionality but a few people have started using Evernote for their "Farley Files" as you can see from this discussion.

  • Web Based
  • Multi-platform, (OS-X, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android).
  • Custom Tags
  • Very powerful searches
  • All of your notes on all of your devices
  • Lots of other functionality such as web & pdf annotations, etc.
  • Various pricing including Free (60MB of uploads/month), plus £20/year (1GB/mo) & premium £35/year (10 GB/mo).

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