Could you recommend a software for the below


could you make a 8.5 by 11 with a symmetrical 4 height by 2 wide grid onenote page with the grid filling up the entire space, very fat black lines in between the grid elements to give leeway for cutting with scissors...., the grid being an image in the onenote page or background image,.... and then post that onenote page via a download link in this stack exchange thread?

Why onenote and not microsoft word: - pasting images on top of everything instead of telling it to deal with text wrapping is easier in oneonte - some aspects of inking are easier on onenote

I use onenote 2013 on a windows 8.1 laptop

Problems I've run into:

  1. Even when I set margins to zero and set dimensions to letter sized, both pasting a grid of 4 by 2 or inserting a table of 4 by 2 cannot be fully moved to the top of the page- as if there is still some margin at the top
  2. Need the 4 by 2 grid to be perfectly symmetrical for double sided use and having problems with that because alot of 4 by 2 grid images on google are not on 8.5 by 11 paper or are wasteful in the space, have margins around the boxes
  3. Evidently there's no ruler in onenote http://www.office-forums.com/threads/how-do-i-view-a-ruler-in-onenote.423596/ - if there was I could draw the lines myself, which I would make very fat lines between the boxes in the 4 by 2 to give myself leeway in cutting the flashcards out with scissors
  4. The biggest issue: say I get all the above to work out. Bunch of trial and error and printing to see- to get the double sided to work it would involve labeling each card on even vs odd pages to match

Bullet 4 explained: If you stab a hole in the top left side of a sheet of paper, when you turn the page you'll see the hole is now in the top right of the paper instead of the top left - therefore when making the flashcards doublesided you need to mirror correctly ...

...Which I can do by labeling the cards on alternating pages to help me correctly match which box goes with which - but in the long term if I want to make thousands of cards this is not ideal to do the mirroring- it seems pretty to screw up down the line. Basically I feel that someone must have thought of a more elegant solution or software to do this that includes stylus inking like onenote

  1. I could do everything single sided and fold the sheet of paper down the middle and tape the ends together- but I feel like there should be a more elegant software solution for doublesided use

  2. It would be great if I could create one card at a time with the stylus and pasting images and then at the end have the software generate the doublesided pdf to printout that takes care of the mirroring issue I described in #4. And it would be great if the software would just paste the images as images overlayed over text / stylus writing rather than microsoft word which asks you to fiddle with the image/text wrapping

Oh, and assume I have a color printer that I can print an infinite number of pages.

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