I am looking for a Linux-based software that is best suited for creating these types of schematics, involving electric-style circuits and organisms / individual organs.

Schematic electric-style example

I will have separate vector-based graphics for anatomic components (like human body, arm, for example) as .svg files which I would like to import and incorporate in the schematics similar to above. The end product should be vector-based.

Any suggestions?


You can do this in Inkscape. If you activate the grid and hide page edges you get an infinite canvas with snapping. (You can save this as default)

Here is an example I made for a circuit:

enter image description here

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While a general purpose vector editor like Inkscape would be fine for creating simple diagrams, you might be more interested in a tool more specialised for creating diagrams like Dia.

  • Runs on Linux
  • Free and Open source
  • Import custom shapes
  • Export to SVG
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