I am looking for an open-source (or alike) tool/library to accomplish live PDF form edition and creation based on a live template/scaffold.


A user picks the "Create Report" option and sees the actual document (formatted/aligned/adequate graphics present) scaffold/template with editable fields.

Now each time user clicks on a form field it is able to put input (text/img depending on field type) in it while still viewing the actual formatted document. Pretty much the same as the Adobe Reader does - but with the use of a Java-/Spring-based web client.

To sum up:

I am after a tool able to robustly and relatively straight forward accomplish the following:

  • display PDF-based source template form to the web application user (browser interface only)
  • allow to live fill fields of the form template
  • generate document out of an edited template

What tools/libraries have all this features in an out-of-the-box manner?

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