I'm working on SolveSpace, a parametric CAD. I'm looking for something to replace its builtin NURBS library, which has become a limiting aspect for many improvements.

It must:

  • Not be OpenCASCADE;
  • Be written in C++ or at least compile to C++;
  • Provide boolean operations on trimmed NURBS surfaces;
  • Be under a GPLv3+-compatible license.

I'm aware of:

  • OpenCASCADE: please do not suggest I just use OpenCASCADE;
  • OpenNURBS: not actually a NURBS operation library, mostly just loads/saves geometry;
  • libnurbs: no boolean operations, only some rudimentary parts of them;
  • SISL: provides some boolean operations, but only over NURBS surfaces defined over rectangular windows, as opposed to trimmed NURBS surfaces;
  • GoTools (based on SISL): provides trimmed NURBS surfaces, but no surface-surface intersection, classification, etc;
  • Verb NURBS: rudimentary booleans, no trimmed NURBS surfaces; none of which satisfy the requirements.

Are there any which do?

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