For Audio, I use Music Bee.

Would love something that can scan videos in specified folders and show a similar data view, and show video codecs of all the videos.

PS: I did scan them in a MB library, but it doesn't scan or show the Video codecs.

The only way to see video codecs is having to open each video with VLC and see its Info/ Media properties.

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An alternative to using ffmpeg to get the information is exiftool which is also a command line tool but it focuses on extracting, (and for some file types modifying), the metadata from a wide variety of file formats, including most video formats.

There is also pyExifToolGUI which will let you view the same information in a GUI.

Both are:

  • Cross platform being based on perl & python but with Windows downloads
  • Free, Gratis & Open Source.

I recommend checking out the LEADTOOLS Multimedia SDK for this. This SDK includes a MediaInfo class for retrieving information about media files. You can retrieve the video compression in a couple lines like this:

Leadtools.Multimedia.MediaInfo MI = new Leadtools.Multimedia.MediaInfo();
MI.SourceFile = "C:\MyFile.avi";

This SDK is for Windows only, as it is based on the DirectShow and Media Foundation frameworks. It can be used via C, C++, VB6, Delphi, .NET (or any language that supports COM objects).

Disclaimer: I am an employee of the company that wrote this library.

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