I'm looking for an Android metronome app with the usual features:

  • choose the speed
  • choose how many beats (3/4, 4/4, etc)
  • choose to play quarters, octaves, 16th, triplets, etc


  • choose a number of bars after which the speed increases of some quantity, and then again until it reaches a fixed speed.

Free is better, but for a good product I can spend a couple of euros.

Note: I know very well that there are dozens of metronome apps in the Play store. I tried some without finding the feature I want. So I came here hoping someone knew the right app.


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Have you tried Pro Metronome as well? It looks quite powerful and allows you to:

  • choose speed,
  • change beats,
  • select and change accents and subdivisions,
  • from what I've seen, vary the tempo after a certain amount of time and return to the initial setup (in the warmup mode, and you need to precise it yourself).

Maybe worth a look.

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