I just wondered if there's a linting tool (e.g. like Debian's lintian) for projects hosted on full-feature source code hosting platforms like GitHub or GitLab.

I'd imagine that such a tool could check things like the following:

  • Is there a README/README.* file?
  • Is there a LICENSE file? If not, it could refer to http://choosealicense.com/.
  • Is there a CONTRIBUTING.md file?
  • Is the README file written in Markdown or another supported format which is rendered dynamically (like POD or AsciiDoc)? Does it have a recognized file suffix?
  • Is there a .gitignore file?
  • Is the LICENSE file containing a license which is in accordance with GitHub's/GitLab's usage policy?
  • Are there generated files (like e.g. configure) committed to the git repository?

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While researching for my question above, I already found one very promising linter named flint. I haven't found it directly via some search engine but via AtomLinter's Generic Linter listing.

I'd though be happy if others, who know other git project linting tools, would post their recommendation, too.

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