As part of a security research, I have probably found the api credential of large company’s twitter account (basically, I can post a everyone reset your passwords message).
In order to confirm this, I need to test the api secret key.

I know nothing about the twitter api and I don’t even have a twitter account.

So is there a twitter client (even web based) that provide a nice interface to the twitter rest api and don’t require account login/passwords ?

Here’s all I have in company_product.rb (keys have been modified but the length is the same) :

company.session_secret = '688b836c1b24247e60fdd3dc5e64503e'

company.twitter_key     = 'csdkuObsqlSRVl889lcDmA'
company.twitter_secret  = 'D96Uicp3l3lVa8gT4WfBGqpdhrtSs8K08HMWf1Ts'

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