I once had a utility that integrated into Windows Explorer's file properties dialog as a tab and displayed some typical checksums, like MD5, SHA1 etc.

Googling for it now, I just find HashTab, which is very similar but is commercial. IMHO my version of it was fully free, also for commercial use.


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  • integrates into Windows Explorer with a "Checksums" tab
  • supports CRC32, MD4, MD5 and SHA-1 checksums
  • is open source, licensed under BSD license

It does not calculate the checksum until the tab becomes active. For large files, it shows a progress bar while calculating the checksum(s). Checksums can be saved to files if you want to provide files for download yourself.

The screenshot shows the calculated checksum of a Kali Linux image. The SHA1 checksum is equal to the one listed on the website, so the tool seems to work well.

HashCheck screenshot


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