I am looking for a GUI program that can cut an animated GIF file.

E.g. if the GIF file has a length of 20 seconds, I would like to be able to create a new GIF file that would correspond to the old one from second 5 to 15.

Free, lightweight and portable would be ideal.

I believe Adobe ImageReady used to be able to do it but the program was discontinued (last release: 2005).

Here is an animated GIF file:

animated gif file

Note: Back in Windows 2k or 95 I believe I had a very simple program to remove/add frames in a gif file. But I forgot the name ... and I'm more into Windows 7 nowadays.


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  • Free and open source
  • No install
  • actually works!
  • Has a mutipal modes: Recorder, Webcam, Board and Editor (you are interested only in the editor)

It is quite easy to cut a gif. Launch the Editor, open the gif.
In the frame scrubber at the bottom, select the frames you want to delete, press Delete. Then Save as Gif. Bonus is that the file size it generates is quite good.

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