I need a tool to help me rename files as a group. What I want to do is to drag a list of files into the tool and name them according to some criteria, mainly filename 01.ext, filename 02.ext etc. My immediate concerning is to rename files created by snapshot tools like Shutter and VLC by a prefix, such as the subject's name, then the numerical suffix.

A tool that accomplishes something like this is AdvancedRenamer but it is a Windows program.


I recommend pyRenamer.

With pyRenamer you can change the name of several files at the same time easily.

  • You can use patterns to rename files.
  • You can use search & replace to rename files.
  • You can use common substitutions.
  • You can manually rename selected files.
  • You can rename images using their metadata.
  • You can rename music using its metadata.

Most Linux distributions should have pyRenamer in their repositories.

Here's a screenshot of the program in action. I typically use it to rename pictures based on the EXIF metadata and the pattern desired:

pyRenamer in action

One of the things I like is the preview functionality, which enables you to view the result of the renaming without actually renaming the files, a sort of dry run.

It should be quite easy to apply the renaming criteria you need for your files.


Thunar (the default file manager for Xubuntu - but you can install it on other distributions) provides a bulk renaming feature which is very handy and has a simple GUI. It allows to rename multiple files at once numbering them, and even changing the extension. You can find a brief overview of the feature here. Also if you have a distribution with KDE environment you can try KRename.

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