I am new in multimedia analysis area.

I am working on a project which is built on AngularJS and Flask framework and I want to realize the following functions in our website:

  • user can cut the video into segments and the website can merge all the selected segments into one new video;
  • the website can extract key frames of the new video which is generated by the first step;
  • the player can get a 'start time' parameter and a 'end time' parameter (or a 'duration' parameter) given by user and play the clips based on the user input parameters.

For now, I have searched several tools like JWPlayer, FFMpeg. But I really have no idea on how to use them and whether they are the best tools for these requirements. I was wondering if you might be able to give me some advice.

[Update on 2015 Dec 10]

I have made a progress bar by JavaScript and it can satisfied the 3rd requirement, so the video analysis part becomes the toughest one. I also find some other tools or libraries like Video.js, OpenCV, VLC etc. Can anyone give some advice on open source video analysis tools? It would be better if it works well with Python server.

Any advices, suggestions or tutorials are welcome~

Thank you.

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