I need to manage my subnets, see how much free space I have in particular subnets, maybe aggregation or division advises and so on.


Well I need something like ManageEngine OpsUtill for free. One of my teammates installed racktables, and I think it is not good enaugh for subnet housekeeping needs. Imagine a situation when a new guy joins a team, I want to have a tool to point on for the first week for him to discover our environment.

I need.

To see what subnets do we have.

I need to have a magic button, that will show only used IPs from the subnet.

When I add some sever to my environment, I want to add a DNS record in my DNS server and automatically see that in the tool(web interface), and add some more data like location.

If there is a lightweight tool that does only this things, then it is much better then racktables for me. But I really look for some cool and free analogue of ManageEngine OpsUtill.


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