When using proxies for pentesting, I usually have to switch my proxy in Firefox every 5 minutes. Unfortunately the proxy settings are 5 clicks deep buried in the settings.

I know that there are the QuickProxy and Elite Proxy Switcher, but they are both old and don't work with the current Firefox UI anymore.

Any recommendations?

  • I use FoxyProxy, but it's not on the official add-ons list, you have to Google it.
    – ThoriumBR
    Dec 1, 2015 at 18:19

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Whenever I've needed that occasionally, I've used FoxyProxy – which would fit your needs quite well. With this addon (available at Mozilla's addon site, as the link shows), you can

  • automatically switch proxies based on URLs
  • manually switch between your default and FoxyProxy with just a single click (de/activating FoxyProxy and use either FoxyProxy or the system default)
  • switch between different proxies with just two clicks (open the dropdown, select the proxy) or a single middle-click (cycles through your proxy list, see second screenshot)

FoxyProxy FoxyProxy
FoxyProxy: Proxy setup, selection drop-down (source: FoxyProxy; click images for larger variants)

I've been very happy with this extension, and can warmly recommend it.


FoxyProxy is good, it has many options. Proxy Selector is just the basic version. It allows you to define proxies and switch easily. I'm using it from time to time on Firefox 42 and it works just fine.

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    ...For unknown reasons that simple and great addon has been removed from the Firefox addons library. Latest version, signed by Mozilla, on github here. Sep 1, 2017 at 10:12

Depending on the reason you're switching proxies so often, you may be able to write a Proxy Auto-Configuration file that will implement the switching you want automatically.

You can then use the file by adding it under "Automatic proxy configuration URL" in the proxy settings, with the following format:

data:text/javascript;charset=utf-8;,function FindProxyForURL(url, host) { ... }

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