I'm looking for an Android app to visualize music on the device in real-time.

Must-have features:

  • It can process the audio from an external app (basically whatever is played on the device). Embedded audio player is not necessary.
  • Multiple visualization effects to choose from; not just frequency distribution or waveform, but also more complex patterns (e.g. morphing tunnels, etc.).
  • A standalone app is sufficient (no need to display the visualization as a live wallpaper).

Paid apps are OK.

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You can try with Music Visualizer, it allows to:

  • 11 types of renderings, also randomized: Cover art / Waveform / Shiny Particles / Noise Flow / Colorful Orb / Simple Bars / Heart Beats / Laser / Digital Equalizer / Hex Tiles / Energy Sphere
  • Snoop mode (to get input from another media player) with external player app control.


  • Live wallpaper mode
  • Can be used as standalone media player
  • Free

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