I'm looking for a PHP web framework that has functionality similar to Django. These are the most important requirements that come to mind:

  • ORM features providing a universal way to manipulate data rows as objects regardless of database backend
  • A way to write your data models in code, which are then used to generate migrations that will perform scheme-altering operations on your database
  • A generic admin tool that can easily be extended to quickly build a CRUD tool for your models
  • A seperation between views and templates, the latter having a powerful template engine

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I think Laravel meet your requirement.

  1. ORM

    Laravel has it's own ORM, called Eloquent.

  2. Models & Migrations

    If we refer to Model, mostly (laravel) developer refer eloquent as a model. And this is for laravel migrations.

  3. Generic Admin Tool

    Actually, laravel does not have capabilities for this, but there is a package for that. Backpack for Laravel or Voyager. See voyager in action.

  4. Template Engine

    Laravel has Blade Template Engine.

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