I have a physical server which runs 8 virtual machines with virt-manager and kvm.

Since one VM is not needed anymore, I want to give the remaining hosts more resources.

I need a tool which helps me to decide:

Which VM does need more resources?

With "resources" I mean:

  • Number of CPUs
  • Available RAM

Disk space is not important; there is enough.

Environment: Linux hypervisor, Linux VMs


Which tool can help me to decide which VM needs more resources?

It should be open source. Commandline tools are welcome :-)


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Virtualization Manager

  • Gain full control of VMware® and Hyper-V® environments
  • Hyper-V® and VMware® Management Dashboards
  • Identify and remediate VMware and Hyper-V problems
  • Decrease mean time to resolution (MTTR)
  • VM capacity planning
  • VM sprawl control
  • VM right-sizing(Display and change VMs with over- and under-allocated CPU/memory. Display and change CPU due to high Co-stop.)
  • Free up over-allocated resources and right-size VMs for optimal performance

Hope this helps!!! Cheers!!

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    Does this support kvm? Commented Nov 24, 2015 at 15:54

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