I would like to know if there is some sort of web app that works like PHPMyAdmin in the sense that it is basically a web interface for a database, which, in my case, is mongodb.

Unlike phpmyadmin which provides permissions for databases and tables, I need to have different permissions over different "sections" of the same record/document.

Let me give an example: Suppose I have many JSON documents like this one on a mongodb collection for registering teams in a scientific Olympiad:

    "team_id": 43749328748,
    "school_id": 88932,
    "school_name": "Hogwarts - Department of Acre",
    "participants_ids": [3243, 5453, 54354, 323],
    "final_score": 9.5

In this scenario, I need to allow teacher to edit all fields of the teams that belong his school but the team_id and the final_score. And, at the same time, the judges need to have write permission only to the final_score field.

I'm sure that there are at least a few registration systems like what I've described, however, I would like to have something more generic and adaptable to changes.

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